Understanding is a term that refers to transformation and change, as when saying "oh, now I understand" or "yes, now I see". There is a deeper meaning for the term. Understanding describes our way of being in the world. Consider the following example:


"My second daughter started to take her first steps at the age of 10 months. When we had guests, it often happened that when they saw the child leaning against the wall and standing up, they wanted to help her. They gave her a hand so that she could walk a bit. She took a couple of steps and often fell down and bumped her head on the floor. The difference is that when she climbed up herself and fell down, she fell on her bottom.


When others helped her, they took her to an area where she didnít yet have any experience. She didnít Ďunderstandí the situation."


It is very common for individuals and organizations to know what they want, but not to know how. Using the terminology I have introduced here one could state: they donít understand the situation yet. If they understood it thoroughly, they would know how to deal with it.