Socratic Dialogue

By Socratic Dialogue I mean a specific form of dialogue that was created by Leonard Nelson (1882-1927) and Gustav Heckmann (1898-1996). This conversation model is meant for groups of 5-12 people. In its original form a Socratic Dialogue takes 3-6 days.


Nowadays there are a plenty of varieties and shorter versions of Socratic Dialogue.


* Dinner Pensee: "dinner of suspicious minds", an evening meal of about 3 hours where Socratic method is used for an open and critical inquiry about a pre-selected topic (eg. for business trainings, internal development, teams, management teams - created by the dutch Jos Kessels),


* Training tool: eg. two three-hour sessions with a pre-selected topic, aimed at developing a deeper understanding about the phenomenon.


* Open Socratic Dialogue: using the Socratic method to discuss critical issues, to find a focus theme, to discover "real reasons" for eg. change resistance…