Organization Development

Organization Development is often used with different connotations. These include leadership training, productivity training, team building, re-engineering, lean manufacturing, learning organization …


"Process consultation" is one way of clarifying our Organization Development (OD) methodology. (See eg. Edgar H. Schein (1988), "Process Consultation. Volume 1. Its Role in Organization Development. ) Process Consultation should take important organizational processes into consideration: the aim is not to create a development process for its own sake, but rather to serve on-going processes. That, of course, sometimes means questioning these processes… Process consultation builds relations between different parts of an organization. It is based on a systemic understanding of organizing, where a problem is often seen as created by the existing system.


For a modern and more critical understanding of OD I would also add something about social constructionism (Berger & Luckmann 1966), narrative therapy tradition (White & Epston 1990) and hermeneutics (Gadamer 1960).


See also "coaching" and our OD approach for further explanations. For practical examples, case studies or methodological adaptations please contact us.