Here is a list of questions and worries that have been handled in philosophical setting:


Iím wondering whether I should finish my studies. I donít think I belong in this world. How should I solve an inheritance problem with my brother? I got a lousy feedback from my team as leader, but I donít understand why. I donít really love my husband anymore, but I would still like to go on living with him. I think Iím very professional and good at what I do, but starting new initiatives is difficult for me. I donít want to yell at my kids. I would like to organize my life in an easier and simpler way. What can I really expect from the future? Should I get a divorce? A certain passage in my life keeps bugging me. I am unemployed and would like to stay that way, but can I really bear the idea? I just got promoted to a managerial position; how should I handle the change? Are people really so egoistic or is it just me? I am actually quite happy with my life. Is it normal for my work not to make sense? I feel I am a philosophical person, and would like to talk about that with you. Iím struggling with this personal change Iím aiming at. Do I have to see my life as ruined? I think Iím quite normal - what do you think? Should I stop going to church? I need to redesign my life because of this malaise, but howÖ


(Partly adapted from a dissertation by Patrick Neubauer, Schicksal und Charakter. Lebensberatung in der ĎPhilosophischen Praxisí.)