The English word coach comes from French coche, which originates from the Hungarian kocsi szekér , wagon of Kocs, a village in Hungary where coaches were first made.


Thus coaching is a support process on your way. It is aimed at enabling you to move forward in your thinking and action.


I define coaching as a process that helps individuals and groups to


a) design a development process (a path to follow), and


b) take the next step.


In a business, coaching originates from the world of sports, where it meant observing and measuring athletes’ performance. However, there is a difference between ‘training’ and ‘coaching’. Training typically means instructing, with an ‘ideal-type’ picture in mind. In coaching, the aim is to help people to rely on their own ideas and problem-solving capabilities. Training is following an external process, coaching is a process inside of you. Focus of coaching is on facilitating, in other words helping people to learn, not on teaching


I practise coaching in three ways:


1. Coaching for leaders and managers: how to become a coach ("Coach the Coach")


2. Coaching for teams, groups or organizations: designing and running a process for change


3. Individual coaching: supporting individuals in their tasks